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The first weekend of each December, martial artists from across the country gather together for a weekend of training and celebration. After the first day of training and seminars an awards banquet to honor the superior efforts of students from our school. It is our intention honor the dedication they have shown in their marital arts training and celebrate that achievement with family and friends. Our goal is to recruit, train and cultivate lifelong students of the art.


At our Banquet we will honor the efforts of those outstanding students. We have chosen 4 nominees from our school in the following categories:

KmK 2023 Nominees:


Kenpo Kid of the Year Nominees

Jude Russo

Juliette Chaparro

Levi Palman

Sadie Leftwich


Junior of the Year Nominees

Ana Othon

Daphne Mena

Liam Dorsey

Mateo Munguia

Junior Black Belt of the Year Nominees

Anthony Zamorano

Avery Rudsinski

Braydon Davis

Michael Slade


Junior Leader of the Year Nominees

Daniella Villanueva

Charley McGill

Treyah Brown

Sabrina Kalamas

Senior of the Year Nominees

Dominic Martinez

JamesDaniel Drinkwater

Olivia Williams

Sara Higgins

Silver Senior of the Year Nominees

Patrick Daniels

Christy Friske-Daniels

Dr. Bil Hawkins

Bill Jones

Senior Black Belt of the Year Nominees

Carson Maynard

Dawn Armstrong

Leighton Ing

Kailey Reichardt & Maggie Thomas

Family of the Year Nominees

Romano Family

Russo Family

McCallum Family

Vermilyea / Grimaldo Family


 Instructor of the Year Nominees

Daniel Salgado

Joseph Morgan

Michelle Higgins

Michael Mayo


December 2nd 2023



Awards Banquet:


To purchase tickets contact Mrs. Knight at 520-296-8484


Viscount Suites Hotel

4855 E Broadway Blvd

Tucson Az 85710

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