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Senior Black Belts

10th Degree Senior Black Belts 

Senior Master of the Arts

Sigung Stephen LaBounty

Mr. Bob White

Mr. John Sepulveda

Mr. Lee Wedlake

Mr. and Mrs. Knight were privileged and honored to have hosted the event where Sigung Stephen LaBounty and Mr. Lee Wedlake were formally recognized as Senior Masters of the Arts on December 2, 2018. Mr. Bob White and Mr. John Sepulveda (who had also been formally recognized as Senior Masters of the Arts earlier that same year) also graciously agreed to join in the ceremony to complete the Four Horsemen of Kenpo Karate. 


The Knight's are so grateful for the opportunity to serve and honor those who have paved the roads that we walk today...  

We affirm the belief that the lineage and legacy of any system should only be governed by those who have spent a lifetime serving and protecting it! We affirm that the Senior Masters above embody the Art of Kenpo with Spirit, Honor and Discipline! We affirm that the Senior Masters above embody the Laws of the Scholar & Warrior: Truth, Bravery, Courtesy, Compassion, Sincerity, Discernment, Loyalty & Faith! We affirm that the Senior Masters above have dedicated a lifetime to training & teaching the art of American Kenpo! We affirm that: Stephen LaBounty, Bob White, John Sepulveda & Lee Wedlake honorably represent the art of Kenpo and the rank of Senior Master!!!

9th Degree Senior Black Belts

Master of the Arts

Brian Duffy

Gary Swan

Mr. Duffy and Mr. Swan were promoted and recognized at the Tribute to Sigung Stephen LaBounty in December of 2018. We are privileged to celebrate and to honor the achievements of these two great leaders within Kenpo Karate. They are our elder brothers in the art, they were promoted by the Four Horsemen, and we are forever grateful for the opportunity to host!

8th Degree Senior Black Belts

Associate Master of the Arts

Art Monsivias

Mike Winkeljohn

7th Degree Senior Black Belts

Senior Professor of the Arts

Jeremy Howden

Lee Sprague 

Rebecca Knight

Shawn Knight

Steve McCoy

6th Degree Senior Black Belts

Professor of the Arts

Greg Cole

Matt Fenton

Scott Yurcic

5th Degree Senior Black Belts

Associate Professor of the Arts

David Wampler

Jason Brick

John Phan

Kien Phan

Steve Howard

Tobin R. Beach

William Hawkins

4th Degree Senior Black Belts

Senior Mentor of the Arts

Bill Jones

Cindy Knowlton

Dawn Forrest-Armstrong

Joe Morgan

Lynn Finger

Scott French

VallieRae Gerl

Vince Salvatore

3rd Degree Senior Black Belts

Mentor of the Arts

Brahm Payton

David Berry

Darren Johnson

Dylan Kramer

George Burnett

Jace Waite

Jacob Martin

Jameson Treadwell

Jeremy Micah McCray

Jessica Lynn Carter

Leighton Waih Kwong Ing

Nicole Knowlton *

Robert Schierloh

Ron Hickey

Steven Frost

Tanya Davis

2nd Degree Senior Black Belts

Associate Mentor of the Arts

Alyssa Bell **

Bryan Evans

Candace Prewitt *

Carey Haskins

Carson Maynard

Chris De Haan

Conlan Salgado *

Daniel Salgado

Debbie McCoy

Dennis G. Carter

Evelyn Jonikas **

Jacob Arnold **

Jason June

Joaquin Korchmaros *

Joseph Linton

Kailey Reichardt *

Karen Howden

Linda Marino

Luke Carlin *

Magdalena Thomas *

Michael Mayo

Michelle Lee Higgins

Michelle Koon

Noelle Salgado

Rebecca Ferrari *

Ryan Nguyen *

Shane Basham *

Shannon MacMacKen

Shawn Goetz

Stephanie Ann Stevens

Tommy McCrea

Theodore Hacker

Tyler Kluck *

William Berry

Xavier Smith

1st Degree Senior Black Belts

Apprentice of the Arts

Abraham Bowman

Adam Marino

Adrian Cordova *

Aimee Christensen

Amber Villafane

Amy French

Andrew Miller *

Anna Macauley-Houle

Ashnah Strongheart

Barry Green

Bernard Weber

Brien Salgado *

Brennen Sharpe *

Brenton Crozier

Chris Santos

Christy Surrett

Clyde Johnson

Colin Massingill *

Daniel Portillo

Darrell Lord

David Wyatt

Deigo Nolasco *

Diana Kinne

Diana Payton

Dino Gericke

Don Montgomery

Dillion Price *

Eric Friedenberg

Fransisco Valenzuela

George Angulo

Hellen Yipp

Ian Lynn

Isaac Muir

Jason Potton

J Lightner

Jackson Covey **

Jadon Wham *

James Winslow

Jane Winslow

Jason Cagle

Jessica Lord

Jeff Smith

Jim Mance

Jonah David Lawell

Jorge Angulo

Joshua Hammond

Karl Toledo

Katelyn Delano Rose Morgen

Ken Alward

Kevin Mirlocca

Lanza Gericke

Larry Winslow

Lashae Bryant

Launa Sigars *

Lauren Evans

Lily Waid **

Lori Evans

Lukas MacMacKen

Luke Ramirez *

Matthew Evans

Melissa Devlin

Michael A Seno

Michael Rivera

Mitch Baker

Nicholas Weber *

Noah Kramer

Pam Prewitt

Parker Romney *

Renee Ordonez

Ruben Rodriguez

Scott Anthony Evans

Scott Robert Christensen

Scott DeMent

Scott Neal

Sonja Baker

Stephanie Karelis

Stephanie Faith Hardy

Stephen Rice

Tam Nguyen

Thomas Mestrozi

Thomas Paul Turenne

Tom Spellman

Troy Danner

Tyler Miller *

William French

William Malik

(*) Represents students who have achieved Junior Black Belt, and then went on to achieve KmK Senior Black Belts status!  

(**) Represents students who have achieved both Kenpo Kid Black Belt & Junior Black Belt, and then went on to also achieve KmK Senior Black Belts status.  These students have been training in Kenpo for most of their entire lives!

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