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Sigung Stephen LaBounty

10th Degree Black Belt - Senior Master of the Arts

Founder Stephen LaBounty's American Kenpo

I wish it to be known by all that I have had the good fortune to asked by Shawn Knight and Rebecca Knight to be teacher and guide in their martial journey. This was a decision that took some hard questions to be asked of myself, i.e. How do they move really? Are they performers, actors looking for a Senior Kenpoist to add his name as a figure head to give them some credentials as authentic? Do they wish to entertain me with flattering and ego building statements, trips, awards, etc? All serious and inclusive thoughts of genuineness and honor. Both of these fine people, foreseeing and quite expecting these misgivings, made sure that they "proved" themselves as truly genuine.


They brought me in, allowed me to teach their cadre of advanced belts, took private lessons, updated their required forms for inclusion in their curriculum, and most of all, befriended their soon to be extended family of the LaBounty lineage. Completing every task given to them, working to stay sharp with Kenpo, even through injury, participating in lively and up close and personal training sessions, they never wavered in their desire to continue to learn as they say, "Until the last day”. 


It is therefore, my acceptance of them both as my personal public and private students. I also accept their students and schools as part of my ongoing lineage, and give these two personal students permission to teach all and everything that I teach them, with the understanding that with this lineage they show the true calling of a Kenpo Black Belt of their rank. As the Senior Belt, I insist on Shawn Knight, to guide and keep the high standards of the Rough and Tumble application of this system while teaching the principles and concepts as set down by our Senior Grand Master with all due diligence and honor.  


Stephen LaBounty

10th Degree Black Belt - Senior Master of the Arts

Mr. Lee Wedlake 

10th Degree Black Belt - Senior Master of the Arts

Founder of Progressive Kenpo Systems

I’m a senior instructor of Parker Kenpo and have taught across the U.S. and overseas. I met the Knights in Florida at a seminar event back in the 2000s and was invited to teach at their school in Tucson not long after. On my first visit I was impressed at their ability to organize an event and even more so with how supportive they were to their students and friends. One of their students was fighting cancer and they had 1,000 origami cranes at their annual banquet, the crane being a symbol of good fortune and the folding of which are said to make one’s heart’s desires come true. To me, it showed a spirit of family, which has proven to be so in their school.

I was asked to be a part of their Master’s Council, demonstrating their desire to have mentors and thus be able to provide that to their students as they matured in the art. Mature they did, coming under the tutelage of one of the most senior instructors of Kenpo Karate, the late Mr. Stephen LaBounty, who was a direct student of the founder of the system, Mr. Ed Parker.

With their teacher’s passing they pursued further education by taking ongoing instruction from myself and two other Council members, Mr. Bob White and Mr. John Sepulveda. With that, their skills, understanding of the art, and ability to successfully transmit it improved. It’s a pleasure to work with them and teach yearly at their school. Their “Knight Method Kenpo” is not just about Karate, it’s about life. See for yourself.


Lee Wedlake

Senior Master of the Arts

San Antonio, Texas  


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Mr. John Sepulveda

10th Degree Black Belt - Senior Master of the Arts

Founder of the Advanced Kenpo Training System

Testimonial Coming Soon!!!

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