2021 Winter Training Camp in Tucson AZ Dec 3rd, 4th & 5th!!!

Our featured instructors will be Mr. Lee Wedlake (Uncle Leethal) & Mr. John Sepulveda (The Sepulvenator). Mr. Wedlake has been our kenpo mentor since 2007, he has taught at many of our camps and seminars and coaches us weekly on our sets and forms. Mr. Sepulveda is our technique coach, mentoring us on proper form application and technique relationships. We are grateful for their kenpo insights and invite you to expand your kenpo knowledge base by attending this camp!

Class Schedule

Friday 12/3



Saturday 12/4


12:00-2:00 Lunch included



6:30 Awards Banquet Checkin

7:00-8:30 Awards Banquet


Sunday 12/5



Camp Fees

$250 covers classes, Sat lunch & Sat Awards Banquet


Additional Items for purchase

$20 Sigung Spirit Towel

$20 Black Belt Coins

$30 2021 Camp Shirt

$50 Additional JR Banquet Ticket

$50 Additional SR Banquet Ticket



There are 3 ways to register:


Phone: Call us at 520-296-8484 to make a payment over the phone


PayPal: Submit payment via PayPal at


Mail: Send us a check to 160 S. Kolb Rd, Tucson AZ 85710


*All registrations require a completed and signed form to be submitted - Click Here!


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