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We offer three programs to serve our students: Youth (4-6yrs), Junior (7-14yrs) and Senior (15 and up)

Kenpo Karate is a comprehensive system of modern self-defense and fitness. At Knight Method Kenpo we offer programs appropriate for martial arts students of all ages and all fitness levels, designed to improve coordination, strength and flexibility. The foundation of karate is self-defense, but you'll find training in Kenpo offers you and your family many more benefits: 

 • Self-confidence

 • Self-esteem

 • Self-discipline

 • Achievement

 • Physical fitness

 • Reduce stress

Kenpo Youth  (4-6 year olds) 

Tuesday 4:30pm

Wednesday 4:30pm

Thursday 4:30pm

Saturday 9:00am

Kenpo Juniors  (7-14 year olds)

Tuesday 5:30pm

Wednesday 5:30pm

Thursday 5:30pm

Saturday 10:00am

Kenpo Seniors  (15 year olds + up)

Tuesday 7:30pm

Wednesday 7:30pm 

Thursday 7:30pm

Saturday 12:00pm

Personal Instruction Sessions Available Tuesday - Saturday by Appointment!

Contact or stop by the school and see for yourself! Kenpo Karate is a great system and the values and benefits of training will become obvious from your very first class. We look forward to training with you on your martial arts journey.

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